Listen in as chef Edward Lee and executive producer Mike Steed talk one-on-one with Simon Applebaum today at 3PM ET/12PM PT.

The program all about TV, simulcasting live on BlogTalk Radio and Brooklyn Independent Media HD. Our guests: Ed Lee, Brooklyn-based chef and subject of Mind Of A Chef, the Emmy-winning PBS series launching its second season this month, and executive producer Michael Steed.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the first episode of the upcoming season. Here, Chef Edward Lee and his mom cook the Korean classic, dduk bok ki.

Stay tuned for more information about the premiere date of #MindofaChef in the days to come.

Check out this exclusive animated clip from the upcoming episode of ‪#‎MindofaChef‬ as Chef Edward Lee takes a look back at his New York City origins, finding common ground between graffiti art and cooking 

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Who’s ready to ride the train into @chefedwardlee’s NYC Origin? Get ready for the Season 3 premiere of Mind of a Chef!

“The most memorable things about the journey are always those unexpected findings. I’m always very confident that wherever I go, I will find that. The point is to keep your eyes open and peeled to that discovery.”

Chef Edward Lee, in an interview with Map Quest about Mind of a Chef and why he travels without an itinerary.

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Chef Edward Lee and Ivan Orkin go into the kitchen and make Edward’s version of a BLT: Rather than using bacon strips, Edward makes it into a schmear, so you get an equal portion of bacon in every bite along the way!

Check out our first online exclusive video of the upcoming 3rd season of‪#‎MindofaChef‬!

In this clip, Chef Edward Lee uses charred bourbon barrel staves to create the essence of smoke in his bourbon bison carpaccio.

"For 170 years, the care and cultivation of Bradford watermelons was mostly a matter of protecting patches from marauding fruit thieves; carefully monitoring melons for ripeness and saving seeds from the exemplars to plant in future years. But last week, Nat Bradford hauled 270 ancestral watermelons from Sumter to Charleston with an eye toward the cultivar’s upkeep."

Check out this interesting article from The Post and Courier on South Carolina’s prized possession, the Bradford watermelon: 

Then hop over to our Youtube page to watch the animated history of the heirloom fruit:

Magnus Nilsson and the Mind of a Chef crew visit a Nordic bee keeper in Jämtland, Sweden to harvest honey for a cocktail recipe.

(via DP, Ethan Mills)

A scenic shot of the winter in Jämtland, Sweden testing out our infrared-modded 60D camera.