What does Sean Brock have up his sleeve?

See what he’s been up to in this James Beard Foundation INTERVIEW

Shuck yea! Small Thyme Cooks’ ‘Culinary Coloring and Activity Book’ shows the tough side of #MindofaChef April Bloomfield

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"We had ribeye steaks for our crew dinner on the last night in La Isla. Ed stepped in and took the reins at the fire." - Ethan M., Director of Photography

Perks of being in the #MindofaChef crew.

A little teaser of what’s to come:

Magnus Nilsson’s king crab and almost burnt cream 

After four dreary days of travel, the “Mind of a Chef” crew woke up to this beautiful sight at Huente-Co in Patagonia, Argentina.

From the field: 

“We were supposed to eat breakfast and head straight to the island but the DPs got so excited about the setting they started filming even before a sip of coffee! It was a hint at what was to come.” - Anna C., Producer

Check out this beautiful article on roadsandkingdoms written and photographed by Magnus Nilsson on his recent journey to the remote island fortress of Stóra Dímun, where ancient practices meet modern times:

Click the link for a great read and stunning imagery 


Can it be September already?

Season 3 kicks off September 6th on pbstv


#TBT gif with Harold McGee. 

We’re excited to officially announce that ‘Mind of a Chef’ Season 3 will feature chefs Ed Lee and Magnus Nilsson! Join host anthonybourdain on September 6th for the premier on pbstv.

Feast your eyes on this exclusive trailer for the upcoming season as you prepare to enter the mind of a chef.

Fluke. Knife. Like butter.

Fluke. Knife. Like butter.